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SuckleBusters Texas BBQ Sauces, Rubs & Seasonings have Arrived!

SuckleBusters Barbecue
Finally, Sucklebusters BBQ products have arrived at the Carolina Sauces online store!

Made in Texas and representing the Lone Star State exceptionally well with their big, bold, unabashedly all-American flavor and zest, SuckleBusters sauces, seasonings and rubs should be on every barbecue enthusiast's and meat-lover's wish list.

Sucklebusters Barbecue Sauces are true to their home state: Rich in flavor and texture, with robust savory flavors tempered by mellow sweetness and spiced with just the right peppery finish, their familiar, friendly flavors appeal to young and old alike. In addition to their mouthwatering Original, Sucklebusters also offers a spicy, smoky Chipotle BBQ Sauce for folks who prefer more heat with dark, earthy flavors that complement Sucklebusters' original sweet-tangy recipe.

Sucklebusters seasonings rubs
When it comes to BBQ dry rubs, Sucklebusters rules the day with their award-winning line of barbecue seasonings. Their Competition BBQ Rub is mild and savory without any peppery heat, making it ideal for families or get-togethers where some people might not like spicy foods. Seasoned with sweet paprika, garlic and other savory ingredients, it's a natural on brisket, London broil, roasts and other beef cuts. Hog Waller Pork & Rib Rub was developed especially for pork, and its sweet & sassy flavor brings out the best in the "other white meat." Chili pepper and a dash of ground chipotle add just a touch of spiciness to tickle your taste buds without burning or turning this rub into a "hot" rub. It's excellent on ribs, chops and pork butt, as well as on venison and even chicken. Hoochie Mama BBQ Rub is hot and spicy, with a feisty kick that will thrill fans of spicy foods. But don't worry, it won't burn you out: In true Texas fashion, this all-purpose spicy BBQ rub is more about great flavor than furious fire (I'd rate it a solid medium on my heat scale).

SuckleBusters also makes other special seasoning blends, including a mouthwatering Campfire Steak Seasoning that's a must for anyone who enjoys a grilled steak with superior flavor and juicy tenderness. Its delectably savory-sweet flavor comes from gourmet ingredients like sea salt, turbinado sugar, thyme, dried chiles and other all-natural seasonings. If fajitas are on the menu, then you need SuckleBusters Fajita Seasoning, with genuine Tex-Mex flavor and fire. Chili peppers are the primary ingredient in this robust savory seasoning blend, and it works wonders with any variety of fajita, whether beef, chicken, shrimp or vegetarian. And since Sucklebusters is from Texas, it should come as no surprise that they make an award-winning authentic Texas Chili Seasoning that's essential if you're making "Texas Red" chili (the recipe is on the label). Medium-hot with 5 different kinds of peppers and deeply savory, this chili seasoning blend has all the spices you need to make a pot of hearty chili -- just add ground beef (or turkey or venison) and beans (if you must). Finally, there's Texas Gold Dust Seasoning, the very first Sucklebusters product and a fantastically versatile all-purpose Tex-Mex seasoning. Use it on any meats, poultry or vegetables whether you're cooking on the stove, in the oven, on the BBQ grill or smoker, or in a crock pot. Cumin, garlic, dried chilies, sea salt and other gourmet spices provide the unmistakeably Tex-Mex flavor and peppery heat.

SuckleBusters Texas Pepper Sauce
If you're a serious chilehead or fiery-foods fanatic, SuckleBusters has seasonings and sauces for you, too. First, there's Texas Gunpowder seasoning, which is made from pure dried jalapeno peppers and no other ingredients or fillers. It comes in two convenient sizes: A small plastic jar that's ideal for taking with you when eating away from home, and also a standard plastic dry-rub bottle that's perfect for the kitchen.

Sucklebusters also makes authentic Texas Pepper Sauces that are thick and rich, not runny, with award-winning savory flavor and moderate heat. The Original Texas Heat Pepper Sauce is well-balanced with solid medium heat that'll wake you up and keep you coming back for more. Their Chipotle Pepper Sauce delivers the distinctively dark and smoky flavor of chipotles blended into a smooth, slightly sweet and pleasantly tangy base. And for a more powerful peppery punch there's SuckleBusters Habanero Pepper Sauce, which has just enough habanero pepper to ratchet up the heat a couple of notches but not to the point of overwhelming or overpowering the rich flavors of this surprisingly tasty and food-friendly hot sauce.

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