Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New BBQ Gift Baskets & Gift Packs from Jim's Own!

"The Carolinas" BBQ Gift Basket
Jim's Own Barbecue Sauce is an award-winning Lexington (aka western, Piedmont) style BBQ sauce from Durham, North Carolina. The original Homestyle BBQ Sauce is a family-friendly blend of sweet tomatoes and tangy vinegar with just a touch of sassy spice, and it's excellent on everything from slow-smoked pulled pork to marinated and grilled chicken, shrimp kabobs, spare ribs, vegetables and more.

Jim's Own also has a Hot version of their original barbecue sauce recipe, as well as a zesty Mustard BBQ Sauce and a bold, rich Smokey BBQ Sauce. But that's not all: Jim's Own makes a variety of versatile, all-purpose seasoning rubs, including savory-sweet Mild, rich Smokey, robust Pincho and exotic Safari.

This Christmas -- and anytime you want to say, "Thank you," "Congratulations," "Happy Birthday," or for Father's Day, Valentine's Day and other gift-giving occasions -- send a taste of these highly acclaimed North Carolina barbecue sauces and rubs and make a memorable impression with a Jim's Own Gift Basket, available in brand-new product combinations, sizes and price points to suit any budget and taste.

For the barbecue enthusiast with wide epicurean horizons there's the bountiful BBQ Sampler Gift Pack, which comes with a 16-oz bottle of all four flavors of Jim's Own Sauce and a full-size bag of each flavor of Jim's Own BBQ Rubs. And for the adventurous cook who is just as comfortable cooking in the kitchen on the stove or in the oven and firing up the grill or smoker outdoors, give them the Rub Lover's Gift Basket with bags of each of Jim's Rubs to help season everything from meats and poultry to seafood and vegetables, rice dishes, stews, stir-fry and more. If barbecue sauces are the secret to that special someone's happiness, Jim's Own offers two different three-bottle baskets: The Mild Trio with pint bottles of Mild, Smokey and Mustard BBQ sauces, and the Hot Trio with pint bottles of Hot, Smokey and Mustard BBQ Sauces.

Jim's Own BBQ Sauce t-shirt
Other gift ideas from Jim's Own Sauce include The Carolinas BBQ Gift Basket (shown above) with a bottle each of Jim's Own Homestyle BBQ Sauce (mild NC barbecue sauce) and Jim's Own Mustard BBQ Sauce (inspired by South Carolina mustard-based barbecue sauce) and a package of Jim's Own Mild Rub; the Tasty Creations BBQ Gift Basket with a bottle of Jim's Own Hot Barbeque Sauce and a package each of Jim's Own Pincho Rub (inspired by the savory, spicy flavors of Mexico) and Jim's Own Safari Rub (a bright and zesty blend of coriander, pepper, citrus & other exotic spices used in South African barbecue); and the Jim's Own Smokin' Hot BBQ Gift Basket with the three hottest, spiciest products from Jim's Own: Their Hot BBQ sauce, the Smokey BBQ Sauce and the Smokey BBQ Seasoning Rub.

For those wanting to make a saucy fashion statement and proclaim their love of North Carolina barbecue to the world, we have stylish, sturdy and amply-cut barbecue aprons with two large pockets, and ultra-soft 100% cotton t-shirts (see example on right) in a variety of sizes, all emblazoned with Jim's Own "best-dressed pig" logo.

Jim's Own Chili Mix
And brand-new this December, just in time for Christmas, Jim's Own has recently released its flavorful and feisty, savory and mildly spicy all-natural Chili Mix! Simply add a large can of tomatoes, some browned ground meat of your choice (beef, pork, venison, turkey or chicken), water and broth, and simmer on your stovetop or in your slow-cooker for "just like homemade" chili. Jim's Own Chili Mix is available by the single bag (makes 6 to 8 hearty servings) or by the case (6 bags per case). Now is the time to stock up for the cold winter months... and for your Superbowl party, March Madness college basketball, the Winter Olympics, the NHL road to the Stanley Cup playoffs, and movie nights at home with the family.

To order a gift basket, Jim's Own "slow & smokey" Chili Mix or any other Jim's Own NC BBQ products, simply click here.

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