Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Send a Taste of the Southwest with the Ring of Fire Hot Sauce Gift Box

Ring of Fire Hot Sauce Gift Box
Ring of Fire Hot Sauces are highly regarded by fiery-food lovers and fans of Southwestern cuisine for their uncompromising commitment to excellence. Made from carefully selected all-natural ingredients of the finest quality, each flavor of Ring of Fire is crafted from a well-balanced recipe that highlights its primary chili pepper or other main ingredient, be it fiery habanero peppers, smoky chipotle or rich and tangy tomatillo with roasted garlic. Complementary spices, herbs and other savory ingredients are then blended in, with just enough vinegar to make the sauce pourable but never thinned out, diluted, or harshly tart. As "icing on the cake," Ring of Fire packages its hot sauces in generous 12.5 oz bottles -- which is more than twice the size of your typical lesser-quality hot sauce -- and yet you can buy them online at Carolina Sauces for little more than you'd pay for most 5 oz hot sauces!

If you know someone who appreciates the superior flavor and well-balanced heat of a high quality hot sauce, give them a fiery gift of good taste this Christmas and send them the brand-new Ring of Fire Hot Sauce Gift Box. This thoughtful gift comes with four full-size bottles of the most popular Ring of Fire flavors: The Original featuring fiery habanero & serrano peppers in a rich and savory tomato base, the aptly-named Xtra Hot (similar to the original but with a higher concentration of habaneros & serranos), the earthy Chipotle with smoked jalapenos and roasted garlic added to their signature habanero-serrano blend, and either the zesty Tomatillo if any is still available (unfortunately this flavor has been discontinued) or one of the other zesty Ring of Fire flavors: All-Purpose Red Pepper with cayennes, pimientos & sweet red chilies; the milder Garden Fresh Chile Sauce with serranos (no habaneros) and lots of tomato, onion, garlic & spices; the intense XX-Hot with loads of habaneros but nevertheless still quite edible and flavorful; or their critically acclaimed Ring of Fire Steak Sauce with intriguingly complex gourmet flavor that's boldly rich, little sweet, mild on the heat scale, and heavenly on steak or other meats.

Ring of Fire Hot Sauce
But that's not all: The Ring of Fire Hot Sauce Gift also includes a package of Ring of Fire Beef Jerky and a Ring of Fire Recipe Brochure packed with easy-to-make, mouthwatering recipes!

All of this comes in a sturdy cardboard gift box emblazoned with the brand's distinctive and eye-catching logo, a fire-breathing red chile pepper.

Buy the Ring of Fire Hot Sauce Gift Set while it's on sale at the Carolina Sauces online store, and make your favorite chilihead eternally grateful to you this Christmas.

Zestfully yours,

PS: This is just one of many specially-priced, themed Sauce Gifts available from the Carolina Sauce Company. With flavors & heat levels ranging from mild to wild, a wide range of budget-friendly price points, and themes covering everything from bikers to Elvis, North Carolina BBQ to pepper extracts, and single-brand collections featuring Dave's Insanity, Blair's Death, Hula Girl, Matouk's and more, we really do have something for everyone!

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