Thursday, December 19, 2013

Trinidad Traders Hot Sauce Gift Box

Trinidad Traders Hot Sauce Gift Box
Here is a hot sauce gift for anyone who appreciates a hot sauce with solid peppery heat and well-balanced, savory tang. Trinidad Traders Hot Sauce Gift Box comes with four such distinctively delicious hot sauces from Trinidad Traders, one of the most highly regarded hot sauce manufacturers. The featured sauces include:
  • Trailer Trash Cayenne Hot Sauce: "It's hot sauce, y'all!" But it's more than just a funny redneck label - this all-natural Louisiana style hot sauce is made the old fashioned way, with cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt & pepper. That's it, no high-falutin' fancy ingredients or nasty artificial stuff.

  • Backdraft Habanero Hot Sauce: This sweet and tangy, fiery habanero sauce is a favorite of firefighters who know good food, because its rich mustard-tomato base blows away the boring one-dimensional competition. It adds flavorful heat to burgers, ribs, wings, grilled food, stir fry dishes & more.

  • Trinidad Mild Habanero Sauce: Made in Florida but true to the style of hot sauces from Trinidad, this surprisingly gentle habanero hot sauce features a special blend of complementary vegetables including green peppers and celery, plus delightful spices like ginger, mustard, thyme, basil and other fine herbs unique to Trinidad. Use this spicy sauce whenever you want to add just a touch of heat with a savory Caribbean accent.

  • Trinidad Extra Hot Habanero Sauce: Similar in flavor to the Mild habanero sauce but with a powerful habanero punch, this one is great whenever you want assertive, undeniable habanero pepper heat without sacrificing great flavor.
Buy the Trinidad Traders Hot Sauce Gift Box from the Carolina Sauces online store and get all four of these hot sauces at a special low price, in a sturdy and attractive gift box.

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