Sunday, December 29, 2013

Leon's Southern Charm Hot Sauce

Leon's Southern Charm Hot Sauce
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Spicy, sassy and slightly sweet, Leon's Southern Charm Hot Sauce has plenty of spunky character, just like its creator -- yes, there really is a Leon behind this hot sauce, and this is his own recipe, developed and perfected over the decades to charm the palate of hot sauce fans and lovers of great-tasting spicy foods.

Hailing from Hunstville, Alabama, this all-purpose medium-hot sauce gets its layers of peppery heat and zesty flavor from specially-selected chili peppers including jalapenos, cayennes and orange habaneros, all carefully blended with onions, garlic and secret spices with just a touch of sugar and salt. The ingredients are all-natural, and there are no unnecessary fillers, diluters, or heat enhancers like capsaicin extract.

Whether you splash it on served savory fare at the table or use it in recipes calling for hot sauce like deviled eggs or Buffalo wings, Leon's Southern Charm is up for the task, delivering zippy pizzazz without punishing pain from too much heat. Try it in homemade pimento cheese to liven things up, or add a few splashes to your homemade barbecue sauce or marinades for a feisty but food-friendly kick. Consider this hot sauce a southern gentleman among a crowded field of boorish burners that don't understand the importance of complementing rather than overpowering a food's flavors.

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